Importance of Home Owner Filter Maintenance

Checking your filters is not only important in the summertime but it is also important to check their status in the winter.  Leaving your filters unchecked can cause all kinds of problems including poor equipment efficiency and higher electrical bills, insufficient cooling or heating into the home, icing up of the system evaporator coil during cooling operation and severely dirty filters can even cause outright system failure on several levels

While performing a system check on a unit that according to the customer was producing ice on the pipes going into the unit outside (known as a split system AC) saying, “the unit is not blowing any cold air.”

While in the home in one of the hallways, I noticed a filter grill high up on a wall at about the 8 foot level.  From below you couldn’t see the filter inside it because the angle of the register grill fins was blocking any view to the filter inside so I grabbed an 8 foot ladder and took a look.

Dirty Air Filter LG

As you can see what I found was not only a dirty filter but one that was noticeably plugged.

Once removed and replaced with a clean new one, the unit immediately began efficiently blowing cool air into the home again.  There’s no telling how much money this one little oversight might have cost a customer in electrical usage alone since when asked, they could not seem to remember the last time they did a filter check on this unit.

Just remember, the first line of defense for any home equipment is YOU the home owner.  Take a little time to learn about your equipment and what it’s basic maintenance needs are and you’ll be far head of the crowd when it comes to smooth trouble-free equipment operation for your home.


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