Changing of the Seasons

Hi folks, the summer is finally about to leave us which means a beautiful fall is about to take place with the breaking of beautiful dessert autumn colors and holidays ahead.

With fall though comes the due diligence of evaporative cooler maintenance which is very important for the longevity of your expensive evaporative cooler system.  Without maintaining it before the colder weather hits, when temperatures drop below due point most every day and especially evenings, the inside of your evaporative cooler will become and remain wet causing an extreme shortening of the lifetime of every part of that evaporative cooler including an expensive motor.  It is also important that all the bearings are properly lubricated to keep them from corroding through the winter months which tears them apart on the first start up in the new year.

We at Sun State Refrigeration are born and raised right here in Phoenix Arizona where evap cooling has always been a way of life so we know how to maintain your evaporative cooling system as well or better than anyone in the business.

Call Sun State Refrigeration today and have your evap cooler professionally winter maintained by one of our evaporative cooler specialists so you can keep your valuable investment running like knew throughout its lifetime, 602-867-9480.

New Evap Cooler


Maint Needed Evap Cooler


Replacement Needed Evap Cooler

Get it serviced before the cold weather hits!

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