New Unit Problem Resolved

Hi everyone,

I felt like writing a post regarding an unusual problem we ran across in the last couple weeks.  A couple months ago we replaced an old worn out unit in New River, AZ and everything went well with the install.  Then we received a call about a month later stating it appeared the unit was hesitating every time it started up.

While there we checked everything out and found on this brand new unit and found a weak  Run Capacitor!  Now this is a brand new unit so who would expect a new unit would have a bad part?  Well I hate to break the news  but AC units are very similar to cars and yes, sometimes we can buy a car or AC unit and find there is a faulty part on it.  That being said, the good thing about a new AC unit is, THE WARRANTY!  We replaced the failed part with a new one, the unit is running ‘like new’ and there was no charge for the call or the part so all in all everything is right again in New River Arizona.

This goes to show you that nothing can be overlooked when hunting for a problem especially on a new unit.  Well, we replaced the capacitor and added a Compressor Start Kit to up the integrity of this unit.  Normally only the more expensive units come with Compressor Start Assist Kits but we felt it would be nice to add this feature to our customers unit, and we did it all at no charge to the customer!  We say, why not?… we installed the unit and our customers deserve to have the very best possible without spending an arm and a leg.

That’s it for now… will be posting again very soon.

Have a comfortable week!


Duct Leak of this week

Today on an AC check, the complaint was the system was not cooling well so while on the roof checking all components, freon etc we noticed this panel coming off the side of the unit and losing costly cold pressurized air into the atmosphere.  You can see the thermometer measuring the nice cold air as it escapes the system.

Air Leaking From AC Panel

It just took a few extra screws to secure this panel making it leak free.  This unit has been on this home for several years and none of the several other companies that have been here ever thought to secure this panel and leak.

Here at Sun State Refrigeration we don’t have any loud mouth hat wearing cowboys around to break our concentration so it’s easy to give you the very best high level AC technician observations to catch these problems everyone else misses.