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Hello Dear friends, my name is Mark Gresin and I started this company in 1979.   After having my own negative experience with the big advertisement AC companies out there, I felt there was a real need for an honest caring Air Conditioning company here in City: Phoenix Phoenix and Scottsdale Az and my wife Dorena and I have been running our company with honesty and integerity since then.  My 98 year old Father – still thriving – came to Phoenix in 1932.  My Father Bernard along with my Mother Gaberialla operated a long standing family delicatessen business here in Phoenix.

Now that we’re getting a little older, our son Sean Gresin has gown to love our AC and Heating business and he has plans to continue to operate it long into the future.  This is important to know that if your Scottsdale or Phoenix home is in need of service, a new Heating or Air Conditioning unit, buying from us means you are buying from a small Phoenix FAMILY business who will be here when you need them long after any AC service, AC repair or Heating and Air Conditioning installation is completed.

Our Service Techs are the very Best! (click on the Check Cities Here for our full area list). If you’re looking for a professional Air Conditioning, Furnace and HVAC Repair company, why not consider us… “Where Honesty Rules!”.   CLICK HERE FOR SERVICE or to REQUEST A SECOND OPINION or call the number above.   You will not be disappointed!


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A word to the Wise.  Be careful!  Don’t fall for the fast talking sales pitche and advertisements larger companies use to entice you – the customer – into making an expensive emotional regretful decision causing YOU – the customer  – to pay the costs of their full page, multi-scheduled phone-book, Internet TV, Radio and every other existing add medium that eixists on this planet.

These methods of getting your attention are developed by clever marketer’s  at a cost of ten’s to hundred’s of thousands per month and it’s all paid for by – YOU – the innocent unsuspecting shopper they attract.  Make no mistake about it, marketer’s will do and say anything they can possibly think of – true or false – to get your attention to call them.  Once you let them in your home, it is all sales tactics and up-sale pitches from there.  Don’t allow them to waste your time and break your bank account by overselling you on products you don’t need.

You won’t find any of those shuck-and-jive tactics here at SUN STATE REFRIGERATION.   Choose wisely… Choose the home of “Where Honesty Rules!” and always will.  Call 602-867-9480 or click a link -> to REQUEST A SERVICE CALL or FREE SECOND OPINION, just leave your info and we will get right back to you!  You’ve have nothing to lose, everything to gain and you could seriously save a bundle!  Please feel free to Check Our Customer Reviews

Where Honesty Rules!

– Quality of Being Honest –
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– Free from Deceit or Fraud –
– Implies a Refusal to Lie –

Is your Air Conditioner Not working properly? Has it lost it’s pazaz?  Maybe it’s making noises you never heard before?  Do you hear a groaning, ticking, whacking, hacking, screeching, whistling or possibly a breathing hard  sound?  Well… believe it or not, your AC equipment is a lot like a person and people need to go to the doc for a yearly check up – some of us even go every 6 months – and your AC needs to be checked-up too!  Maybe it could just use a little Honest to Goodness REAL TLC?

SUN STATE REFRIGERATION is your go to company for the very BEST in Air Conditioning, Furnace and HVAC Repair in Phoenix Phoenix, Scottsdale, Anthem and beyond Check Cities Here.  As native born Phoenicians, we are familiar with critical equipment issues our harsh environment presents. We are uniquely qualified to uncover Hidden problems which will make your AC purr like a kitten and cool like crazy again. When it comes to real knowlege, Quality, Integrity and Honesty, that’s all you’ll find at SUN STATE REFRIGERATION.

So don’t call the posers!  Make the Smart Choice instead!  Call the BEST Phoenix Air Conditioning and Heating repair around.  We are where “Where Honesty Rules!”  for Phoenix, Scottsdale & more (check link above for full city list).   Give us a try and you’ll see why there is never a reason to call anywhere else.   Go ahead…   you have nothing to lose and everything to gain…  Contact us now! or 602-867-9480.


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